The Legend of St Piran

Here we tell the legend of St Piran and his coming to Cornwall in word and video. St Piran is one of many Cornish saints and you can tell that by the number of towns and villages that are named after saints. During medieval times the 'Captain' of saints was St Petroc but St Piran has risen to prominence recently with an increased interest in Cornwall's unique heritage and acknowledged position as one of Britain's Celtic nations. St Piran is traditionally known as the patron saint of tin miners but as now better known as the pre-eminent saint of the Cornish triumvirate along with St Petroc, St Michael with St Piran representing Cornwall as its national saint during its National Day celebrations.

It is the Baner Sen Peren, the flag of St Piran, which has become Cornwall's national flag representing the nation of Kernow one of the four Celtic nations of the United Kingdom along with Mannin, the Isle of Man. This flag can be seen flying in greater numbers throughout Cornwall during the year and especially during Cornwall's annual national day celebration on 5th March. 

Baner Sen Peren
Baner Sen Peren

Commissioned by Cornwall Heritage Trust this fun video was written and starring Pol Hodge in the role of St Piran. Also co-starring Merv Davey, Alison Davey and Dick Cole as Badger, Fox and Boar.

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There are many versions of the legend of St Piran and his arrival in Cornwall. Here we have a 1922 Great Western Railway version brought out as a series of 'Old Tales' from area's served by the Great Western Railway.

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