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In 2021 our usual Newquay St Piran's Festival was curtailed by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, however moved online. The organising committee have started meeting to organise the 2022 Newquay St Piran's Festival and this will include an element of online celebrations. 

We will be celebrating everything Cornish and Cornwall's National Day on 5th March, named after one of Cornwall's historic patron saints.

Videos from our online 2021 festival are still available and in due course will be transferred to our archives where they will continue to be available to watch.

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page and here on our website to see what plans we will be arranging for 2022.

Kernow bys Vyken

Newquay St Pirans Festival

If you are part of a community group or organisation and wish to hold an event or join in the parade please contact us through one of our group via this link - Contacts.

Information and programme about our 2020 festival can be found on our Archive 2020 pages. This provides an idea of what we normally do in Newquay to celebrate St Piran's and our Cornwall National Day on 5th March.

Newquay St Piran's Festival - Archive 2020

Newquay St Piran's Festival celebrates Cornwall’s National Day and St Piran’s Day here in Newquay at the heart of Cornish heritage.

The original Newquay celebration day has now extended to a week-long festival, sometimes slightly longer, with numerous community events throughout Newquay and district. The organising committee are pleased to welcome all those who are wishing to participate along with schools, businesses and organisations.

Please have a look through our website and also on our social media to see what activities and events you may wish to join in with. If you have another idea about ways of celebrating life in Cornwall, please talk to one of our organising committee about how it might be incorporated into next year’s Festival.  We’ll be pleased to hear from you!

Festival events from 2021 on this website can be accessed through the top menu or clicking one of the image links below

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Festival starting 1st March 2021

See many events on the Newquay St Piran's Facebook page by clicking the image link - Right

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